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Expert Tips to Help Refresh Your Brand Identity

Over time, even the strongest brands need a little overhaul to stay fresh.

If a business grows too complacent, whether through consistent success or a jaded management-team, it can easily become stale. Consumers today have more choice than ever before, with brands from across the globe competing for their money. While they may form a loyal bond with a trusted business in its early days, a year or two down the line, your unchanging prices or outdated products may leave them wondering what else is out there.

Keeping your brand feeling fresh, exciting, and – perhaps most importantly of all – relevant is vital. Here are some expert tips on livening your brand identity up 

Keep An Eye on the Data

Never, ever underestimate the value of analytics data. Whichever platform you use, analytics provide a wealth of invaluable details to help you monitor your customers’ engagement.

Study which pages on your site keep visitors interested for the longest time, and the number of bounce rates on your landing pages. Check your geographical data. Look at how people are navigating your site. Examine your browser capabilities to ensure you’re giving the widest range of visitors a solid experience.

Companies which fail to make the most of their analytics data are doing themselves a huge disservice. Use this information to identify your domain’s best and worst aspects – and then consider how you can improve them. Don’t just assume your site’s perfect as it is!

Give Your Website a Makeover

Your site’s analytics data may reveal it’s just not grabbing customers the same way it once did. As I said above, don’t just assume it’s as good as it can possibly be!

A new design may be in order. Take a look at your competitors, primarily those enjoying more success, and pay close attention to their layout, their content, their entire package. Without simply ripping them off, consider how you can emulate their engagement-techniques on your own site.

Spend time and money on this. Investments today may well reap big rewards tomorrow.

Embrace Social Marketing Campaigns to Boost Engagement

Social media’s critical to businesses today. You need to be engaging with existing and potential customers on the big networks as often as you can.

If you’re only using your Facebook or Twitter accounts to share the occasional article or promote new products, well … you’re doing it wrong!

Start to really engage your followers. Create competitions, and offer prizes people are likely to actually want. Try to do one contest each week, and comment on relevant events, using hashtags for maximum reach.

Show people that you care about their input, their opinions, and understand they’re more than just money to you.

Is Your Logo Outdated?

If you’re using the same logo for five, ten, even twenty years, customers are likely to get sick of seeing it.

Get your best designers to draft new concepts for your logo. Again, without simply copying other brands, check out logos belonging to the biggest and best businesses in your industry.

How do their logos work? How do their colours attract the eye? Does the design itself create a sense of movement or dynamism, and if so, how? Does the logo evoke a particular feeling, or place?

Following these tips can help you revitalise your brand and boost your engagement levels. Remember: if you’re not getting the conversions you want, delve deep into your site and your online activity. Chances are, with enough effort, you CAN make real changes – and put yourself back in the game.

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